The Outernet Retreat


3 hours East of Los Angeles, The Outernet Retreat is a 10-acre creative canvas at the edge of Wonder Valley, CA.  

It’s a great place to...

*Get-away from the constant hum of the city
*Clear your head
*Give yourself a creative retreat
*Host a cozy ceremony
*Spark a cute love affair
*Finish writing book
*Stage a photo shoot
*Start a new creative project
*See aliens
*Channel your spiritual team
*Paint something BIG
*Escape and be with yourself
*Write an album
*Convene with the stars

This creative escape in the desert comprises a one-bedroom house with two great massive 180-degree view porches, an open floor plan kitchen and living room, a spacious bathroom and a peaceful bedroom with a small work + zoom zone.

There’s a separate 400 sqf studio space for all your creative flows (arts, writing, yoga, music, meditation...).  There’s also an old-school outhouse for emergencies if the main bathroom is tied up. 

Satellite Wi-Fi hits all the zones and there’s normally good cell service if you need internet in The Outernet.

The Outernet Retreat in Wonder Valley is nestled into the eastern most corner of the high desert. It’s a remote, serene piece of land 3 hours outside of LA, and we recommend coming with lots of groceries and snacks as there’s not too much happening besides quiet desert.  That said, all you could need is a 25 minute drive away in 29 Palms.


a space for dreams to breathe